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FlexShares Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are designed to pursue specific investment goals across both passive and active strategies. FlexShares offers differentiated ETF strategies that seek to improve and simplify the investment process for the long-term investor. Foreside Fund Services, LLC, Distributor.

As Good As It Gets: 2017 Annual Review

February 05, 2018

With robust economies and strong financial markets heading into 2018, this may be as good as it gets. But that can be taken in two ways — either things have never been better or things will never be better. It is a subtle but important distinction. The first carries an optimistic tone; the other assumes a more pessimistic connotation. Investors are lining up on both sides as they assess the prospects for 2018. This paper reviews market conditions from a variety of angles.

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The Case for International Dividend Quality – Offsetting Home Country Bias with Quality

December 01, 2017

For decades, dividend income has been a crucial component of a stock investor’s total return, often surpassing capital appreciation in volatile markets for many investors. However, blindly focusing on yield in the international sector could be dangerous to an investment portfolio’s health.

Often, a seemingly generous dividend yield may actually signify a weak share price tied to negative news not yet revealed in the quarterly dividend. This is why we believe investors in international dividend stocks must be confident that the dividend being paid is sustainable over the long term.

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Preparing for International Growth

October 30, 2017

For the first time since 2007, the world's major economies are growing in sync. Nowhere in our opinion is that more apparent than in the U.S., which has been driven by continued and increased consumer spending. This has propelled market capitalizations to ever-higher levels for U.S. equities, which are nearing the top of their historical range.

Many investors, we believe, are therefore beginning to look beyond the U.S., in search of additional upside potential. This guide takes a look at three strategies built to help investors pursue their goals and increase their international exposure.

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Challenges in the ESG Environment

July 01, 2017

Responsible investing is a topic of increasing interest, particularly among certain profiles of investors. Yet, proposed legislative rollbacks on corporate governance and climate change have roused concerns about the impact on environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing.

We believe, however, that investors have many reasons to remain confident and, while it is always hard to predict how changes will ultimately play out, the future of ESG investing continues to look promising for investors. Our latest investment commentary explains why.

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Making the Trend Your Friend – How Trusted Investment Advisors Sustain 9 Lives

June 01, 2017

One might say that the most trusted investment advisors have cats’ proverbial nine lives. They are bold explorers, distinguished by their agility and uncommon ability to take on challenges with confidence and poise. And, of course, they always land on their feet. FlexShares presents 9 secular trends we believe are reshaping the investment management industry – and how trusted advisors may leverage these trends to their – and their clients’ – benefit.

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The Rise of Fixed Income ETFs

April 28, 2017

Recent uncertainty has fueled inflows into fixed income assets, despite expected federal interest rate hikes and record-setting growth in equities. But given the “aging of America” and the fact that investors can anticipate longer retirements, we believe demand for fixed income will continue to grow.

However, well-diversified investment in individual bonds can require a great deal of money and time. This white paper discusses challenges on the horizon for fixed income investors, and why fixed income ETFs are among the fastest-growing vehicles in the marketplace.

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The Case for Hedging Inflation: Reducing the Fear of Inflation with TIPS

March 03, 2017

Investors have used U.S. Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) since 1997 to seek protection from the threat of inflation. However, attempting to target TIPS duration to match portfolio risk exposure can consume unanticipated time, effort, and fees. This white paper discusses two focused TIPS exchange traded fund strategies that seek near-constant duration exposures despite shifts in inflationary expectations and interest rates.

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A Solutions-Oriented Fund Family

September 07, 2016

AdvisorPerspectives recently spoke with Shundrawn Thomas, Head of Funds and Managed Accounts for Northern Trust, about its FlexShares exchange traded funds business. FlexShares launched five years ago and today spans 24 funds. Find out about FlexShares portfolio construction process, what differentiates FlexShares from other factor-based ETF sponsors, and what’s behind its proprietary Flexible Indexing approach.

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