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Ampersand Portfolio Solutions was created on the premise that the greatest way to manage a portfolio is to add to it, challenging the idea that a portfolio has to be built based on “either/or” decisions. Many investment managers find themselves asking the same question when building a superior portfolio for their clients:

Which investments should I sell (or forgo) to maintain a meaningful exposure to alternative investments?

This challenging question inspired the formation of Ampersand Portfolio Solutions. Equinox Institutional Asset Management’s innovative and ground-breaking approach to asset management has received tremendous feedback and generated several thought-provoking conversations around one, simple thesis: We believe that you don’t have to choose – you can have both.

Ampersand Portfolio Solutions is a bespoke investment strategy offered through Equinox Institutional Management, LP (www.equinoxampersand.com).

Enhanced Portfolio Diversification: The Power of &

January 11, 2018

Most investors, whether institutional or individual, tend to believe that stocks are a good—perhaps even the best—investment in the long run. However, the reason for expecting good performance from stocks is perhaps not always clearly articulated: Quite simply, it is because they are risky. Investors also tend to believe that investing in alternatives, such as managed futures, necessitates sacrificing some of their stock and/or bond asset allocation. This Insight explains how investors can have both the diversification benefits of managed futures, and their traditional stock/bond portfolio. Thus, the power of “&”.

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