Episode 18 – The Changing Landscape of Investment Offerings

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Episode Description

In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, many individual investors were left questioning the effectiveness of their investment strategies. While many believed their portfolios were well-diversified, as the financial system faltered, they saw a large portion of their investments decline. Investors have grown weary of fund managers who profess to provide excess returns, while gains they realize are diminished by fees. Investors are more keenly focused on portfolio risk and efficient, cost-effective implementation. So given this heightened focus, how can advisors help investors work toward their goals efficiently and effectively?

About Our Guest

Brian O’Donnell, Head of Business Strategy, Enablement and Administration for the Funds and Managed Accounts Group at Northern Trust Asset Management

Show Notes

The four ETFs mentioned in this podcast are: HYGV, GUNR, GQRE and NFRA. The three practice management pieces mentioned in this podcast are:Advisor Wellness, Executive Women and Scalability. Here is an additional example of Northern Trust’s thought leadership. More information about the Flexshares products can be found here.