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More Market Turbulence: Risks Are Rising

Yesterday, we had another breakdown in the stock market. Major indices dropped for the third day out of four, and they were down this morning. Once again, we are getting close to the long-term trend line, the 200-day moving average, which is where I personally start to pay attention.

Dangerous Yield Curves Ahead?

There’s new rumblings about an inverting yield curve ahead. Is it time to panic? Time to stick our heads in the sand? Or time to think sensibly?

Second Quarter Hedge-Fund Strategy Outlook: K2 Advisors

In their second-quarter (Q2) 2018 outlook, K2 Advisors’ Research and Portfolio Construction teams share their views on why investors should not fear the return of market volatility—and why it may unlock opportunities for active managers. We believe offering these insights will help investors better understand the rationale for owning retail mutual funds that invest in hedge strategies.

The Most Important Detail From the Flash PMI Report is About Inflation

Among yesterday’s data releases was the widely followed ‘flash’ PMI report produced by Markit, which showed that the Manufacturing PMI increased to the highest level since the 4th quarter of 2014. Unlike the final report, which gets published on the first day of the month, the advanced report lacks details on specific components.

Strategic Income Outlook

Written in 1606, Shakespeare’s words are just as relevant today. Tweets and eye-catching headlines dominate the news cycle and many conversations, but when you parse them for impactful content, you realize it’s mostly just white noise.

Optionality: Why We Use Derivatives to Manage Risk

In the first of a three-part series on getting returns in today’s bull market while protecting against the downside—running with the bulls without getting trampled, as we like to say—Global CIO Jeff Hussey explains why using put and call options may help.

How Washington Will Spend Your Taxes in 2018

Today we’re going to look at how Washington spends our tax dollars. Specifically, we’ll look at a new report which shows how the federal government spends the income tax paid by the average family – and how they spend even more than what’s collected to create massive budget deficits year after year after year.

America’s Weak Case Against China

The US Trade Representative appears to have made an ironclad case against China in the so-called Section 301 report issued on March 22. But the report – now widely viewed as evidence justifying the Trump administration's recent tariffs and other punitive measures against China – is wide of the mark in several key areas.

Mr. Market Grasps the Esoteric

We are reminded of Ben Graham’s Mr. Market analogy. In his analogy, the stock market is like having a business partner (Mr. Market) who offers to either buy or sell his half of the business to you, based on how the business is doing.

April 2018 Economic Outlook

Conditions we are seeing today are more normal than recent years, when investors grew accustomed to record low interest rates, a near-absence of inflation and the subdued volatility. We expect coordinated global economic expansion will continue through 2018, although improvements in some economic fundamentals may have peaked.

Equity Investment Outlook

During the first quarter of 2018, the stock market, as measured by the S&P 500 Index, had a total return of minus 0.8%. Despite the roughly flat performance for the quarter, volatility spiked to levels not seen in several years.

Two Ways Tax Reform Is Impacting Muni Bonds

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 included a number of changes that have directly impacted the $3.7 trillion municipal bond market.