The Target Date Funds Channel

The Four Types of Financial Content Marketing

I will talk about the four different types of content you can create and what is unique about each one.

Boomers Are Facing A Financial Crisis

A look at combined problems of pensions and lack of savings facing #babyboomers as they face retirement.

What Boomers Really Search For on Google

If you’re skeptical about Boomers using the Internet to find you, the data proves that Google can deliver results. The problem is that you are trying to be “found” by the wrong search terms.

Bill Sharpe and the Challenge of Retirement Planning

Bill Sharpe has focused the most recent phase of his career on retirement-income analysis. A big part of that work has been the creation of an online textbook covering the various subjects related to retirement planning.

Introduction to Content Marketing for Financial Advisors

I have created a series of articles, The Ultimate Financial Advisor’s Guide to Content Marketing, to serve as a one-stop guide to content marketing for financial advisors.

What the Critics Get Wrong About Reverse Mortgages

Press coverage around reverse mortgages has grown more positive as new research has explained how they can improve an overall retirement income plan. However, a lingering question remains about the costs of reverse mortgages.

Would a 4% Taxable Equivalent Return Make You A Bond Investor?

Among advisors, 4% is the magic number for retirement planning. We are told that the only way to achieve this return is to allocate a substantial amount to risky assets, such as stocks, real estate and alternative investments. It is possible, however, to earn a return of 4% from the lowly, misunderstood tax-exempt municipal bond.

Rationality and Retirement: Mutually Exclusive?

Behavioral finance may help to overcome cognitive biases.

Target Date Glide Path Expectations

The industry provides a range of target date glide paths—and a range of different outcomes. See the rate of return for a given savings rate and retirement income target.

NewsLetter – March 2019

Read Harold Evensky's latest NewsLetter.

The Hidden Risks of Equities When Saving for Retirement: Part 2

The prevalent approach of saving a fixed percentage of income every year can miss the retirement target by a wide margin, but adjusting annual savings contributions can run into problems as well. Here, I’ll introduce new ways to measure the performance of pre-retirement strategies, test two new strategies and discuss the potential for more sophisticated approaches.

Green Shoots for the Global Economy

What happens in China clearly does not stay in China so the outlook for China’s growth in 2019 is one of the keys to how the global economy will perform and how financial markets will respond to that level of growth.

After Two Of The Greatest Bull Markets In U.S. History, Why Are Boomers So Broke?

There should be no one more concerned about YOUR money than you, and if you aren’t taking an active interest in your money – why should anyone else?

The Impact of the Falling Dollar

A 3(38) investment manager has an incredibly important responsibility when it comes to qualified retirement plans.

A Monthly Signal Review For The Market

With the month of February now officially in the books, we can take a look at our long-term monthly indicators to see what they are telling us now. Is the bull market back?