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Agency MBS: Time to Rethink Prepayments

In our view, a combination of positive macroeconomic factors is likely to keep prepayment speeds higher than the market projects.

3 Ways to Protect Clients' Investments This Year

Stock market participants for most of the past few years have eschewed protection. It was all about making large amount of gains. Almost every advisor lost clients from “cocktail party” conversations about who had made the most money recently.

The Hidden Advantage of Long/Short Portfolios

Today I’ll look at the conventional wisdom that the tax burden of an investment strategy increases with its turnover. In addition, I’ll discuss why short selling is perceived to be particularly tax inefficient.

‘Tis the Season for Diversification

Equity markets send a timely reminder about diversifying into alternatives.

Are you getting enough diversification from your alternatives allocation?

Our research shows that most portfolios aren’t maximizing the diversification potential of alternatives

FUNDAMENTAL: How to Focus on What Really Matters in the Markets

Investors’ obsession with the flattening U.S. Treasury yield curve dominated headlines for much of 2018. A flattening yield curve occurs when short-term rates are rising faster than long-term rates, which may eventually lead to an inverted yield curve, where short-term rates are higher than long-term rates. Historically, this has been a negative signal for the U.S. economy, often providing an early warning of an eventual recession, which is why the yield curve has been garnering so much attention recently.

Are you getting the best your 401(k) has to offer?

Your employer works behind the scenes to review and improve your retirement plan. But are you getting the benefit of their latest and greatest? Paul talks about how to use your employer’s recommendations to evaluate your own plan.

Risk On, Risk Off, or Risk Uncertain?

While big market swings can be unsettling to many investors, there are a number of alternative investment strategies that aim to turn volatility into opportunity, according to K2 Advisors’ Brooks Ritchey and Robert Christian.

Global Markets: Three Themes to Watch in 2019

See what themes may impact global markets in the new year from Invesco Global Market Strategist Kristina Hooper and her team.

The Latest Research on the Momentum Factor

Today my colleague at Buckingham Strategic Wealth, institutional services advisor Tim Jost, will look at some of the latest research on the momentum factor.

A Survey of the Academic Literature on ESG/SRI Performance

Does ESG/SRI investing lead to higher, lower or about-the-same risk-adjusted returns? Abundant academic literature on the topic has emerged in the last eight years, but there’s still no consensus about whether responsible investing is a good bet for your clients.

A Preferred Approach to Us REIT Investments

Making the case for US REIT preferred stock in flexible real estate portfolios.

JP Morgan: What Advisors Want from ETFs

Jillian DelSignore is head of ETF distribution for J.P. Morgan. In this interview, she discusses the overarching needs of financial advisors with respect to ETFs.

Portfolio Optimization and the Sharpe Multiplier: A Case Study on Managed Futures

I’ve spent a great deal of time in past articles discussing the merits of portfolio optimization. In this article I will examine the merits and challenges of portfolio optimization in the context of one of the most challenging investment universes: managed futures.

Diversification Fails for Stocks, But Wins for Bonds

Advisors routinely assume the benefits from diversifying across equity asset sub-classes and between equities and bonds. But they ignore the even greater benefit from diversifying among categories of bonds.