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Copper Well Positioned to Lead the Next Resource Cycle

Global copper capacity could be short some 41,000 tons by as early as 2021, says one commodities research firm. Meaning: We could be looking at another commodities super-cycle, with the red metal leading the way.

Five Key Ways Advisors Deliver Value in 2019

What is the value of a financial advisor in 2019? We break down the full value of an advisor’s services in this easy-to-follow equation.

What’s Your Why?

What keeps your wheels spinning, generating new ideas and creating new solutions? What drives you forward? What is your “why?”

Capturing the Outsized Returns from Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

It will soon be possible for guests at Marriott hotels in China to bypass lines at the registration desk and check in at a kiosk using facial recognition. Halfway across the globe, Marriott workers are going on strike, seeking higher wages and workplace safety. Artificial intelligence and robotics are at the heart of those highly promising but disruptive innovations. I am speaking today with someone whose index invests in robotics, automation and artificial intelligence companies that are at the heart of those trends.

When a Million Dollar Missile Threatens a Trillion Dollar Economy

At the moment there are only twelve countries and the EU which have space agencies with the proven capability to send satellites to outer space, of which NASA is the clear leader. All of whom subsist on Government funds and subsidies.

Five Ways Active Managers Can Overcome Passive Resistance

The “flight to passive” continues, with passively managed funds gaining $695 billion in inflows in 2018, versus $85 billion in net outflows from actively managed funds, according to Morningstar.

Investment Opportunities in the Producer Manufacturing Sector: Part 15

Although I consider the overall stock market as represented by the S&P 500 to be overvalued, not all stocks are overvalued.

Is Life Expectancy Falling? Really?

Life expectancy has started to decline in some of the world's most prosperous countries, and there seems to be a powerful link between that and falling real wages. Come to think of it, there is even a link between austerity and falling life expectancy as the Greeks learned in 2010-2012.

Global Growth Slows, Yield Curve Inverts, and Latin America Feels the Pinch

The Expansion’s Endgame?; Latin America: Caught In The Middle; What The Yield Curve Is (And Isn’t) Telling Us

The Devolution of Globalization

Sound investing requires linking the myriad mega-trends and world events we’re experience into a tapestry of potential outcomes. Key trends today include the growth of globalization, aging demographics, the acceleration and adoption of technological change, and the effect of these factors on the world populace.Exploring possible outcomes can serve as a directional checklist as the future unfolds.

The Future of Actively Managed ETFs

ETFs have become a cornerstone of portfolio construction across the advisory industry. Over the last three decades, they have grown from zero to a $4 trillion market. My guest today is Ed Rosenberg, who will help us understand the key trends in the ETF market and what they mean for advisors.

Running Around With Your Hair on Fire Is Not Attractive in a Financial Planner

It’s clear that with roboadvisors and automation, people expect more if they are paying you more. With investment management fees going to zero faster than the speed of light, financial planning is where it’s at.

ESG Investing: Sector, Industry & Stock Impact on ESG Performance

In this article, we show returns of portfolios comprised of high-ESG scoring companies. More importantly, we use attribution analysis to show contributions from sector, industry and stock selection within these portfolios.

More on the Productivity Conundrum

With the workforce starting to decline in many countries, we need brisk productivity growth for the economy to prosper, but exactly the opposite is happening. Why is that? In this month's Absolute Return Letter, we take a closer look at a number of negative productivity agents that hold back GDP growth.

AI Will Add $15 Trillion to the World Economy by 2030

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to an exciting new company called GoldSpot Discoveries,conceived and headed by mining visionary Denis Laviolette. GoldSpot is the world’s first exploration company to use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the discovery process for precious metals and other natural resources.