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A Summer Summary of Swell Stuff

Kick back, grab a cool beverage and read on about how to strengthen your online privacy (compliments of GDPR); a Plutus Award financial publisher honor you may want to aim for; and a handy robo-advisor resource.

Robos Prevent Fee Compression (and don't cause it)

Roboadvisors don’t cause fee compression; when used correctly by advisors, they are the solution.

Should You Outsource to a TAMP?

With stints at firms such as Hightower and United Capital, Todd Eklund has worked with some of the largest RIA firms. Having seen and observed some of what works and what doesn’t in the advisor space, I thought his perspective would be valuable to RIA firms considering outsourcing to a TAMP.

How to Dodge the Debt Train

An active manager worth his or her salt will manage risk as part of the deal, and risk management is exactly what you need when you live on a railroad track. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just good enough to mitigate the major drawdowns. If everybody else loses 40% and you only lose 25%, you’ll be way ahead of the crowd. And the right manager should avoid even that scenario and keep you near break-even.

Robo-Advisors are not Robo-Planners. Yet.

There are large swaths of the financial planning landscape that can – and should – be both automated and integrated in such a way to which robo advisors aspire, but do not yet currently deliver.

Value Investing: Is Life Imitating Art?

Some of the investing "heavyweights" have been debating whether or not value investing is dead. I compile some of what's being discussed and can't help but wonder if this is an example of life imitating art.

Weighing the Week Ahead: Inflation on the Horizon?

The economic calendar is a light one, and many regular participants are on vacation. The most important data include PPI, CPI, and JOLTS, the best read on a tightening labor market.

From Mobile Games to Smart Cities: A.I. Leads Innovation

This week I had the privilege of meeting a young tech superstar in Palo Alto, California—Gabe Leydon, cofounder and now-former CEO of mobile game producer MZ. Previously known as Machine Zone, the Sunnyvale-based company is responsible for developing some of the highest-grossing mobile games of all time, including Game of War: Fire Age and Mobile Strike, both of which profited from high-dollar marketing campaigns worthy of some Hollywood films. You might have seen Game of War’s Super Bowl commercial featuring swimsuit model Kate Upton, or Mobile Strike’s, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

An American Story

This week, in the spirit of July 4 and Independence Day, I’m going to share the inspirational story of a friend who “Came to America.” But it’s also a teaching moment. I think the story is timely as we reflect on what this country means, to both its residents and the broader world. I hope you enjoy it.

CNY Devaluation: Is It Different This Time?

The Chinese Yuan has fallen precipitously in the last 10 weeks raising concerns of whether China was using the currency as a weapon to preemptively mitigate looming tariffs.

Meeting Millennials’ Financial Needs

Traditional advising has served its place well, but millennials’ behaviors, lifestyles and goals are a far cry from the generations that came before.

NewsLetter - June 2018

Harold Evensky's most recent NewsLetter.

The evolution of Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha®: From portfolios to people

Steps financial advisors can take to build deeper trust with clients as change occurs within the financial advice industry.

Weighing the Week Ahead: Do Individual Investors Face a Pivotal Decision?

The economic calendar is loaded and there is plenty of non-economic news as well. The punditry will focus on the Trump-Kim summit at the start of the week and then turn to inflation data and the Fed. Who knows what the first might bring, but the market is unlikely to be surprised by the Fed.

James Comey on the Dangers of the Trump Presidency

Donald Trump’s attacks on the truth and the rule of law will damage the norms upon which our country was founded, according to James Comey, the former FBI director.