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Six Tips to Fine Tune Your Social Media Strategy

If you're not fully exploiting the power of social media marketing, your business is going to suffer. Whether you're just getting started or your current strategy needs a refresher, read on for my six tips to up your marketing game today.

The “GMA” Process that Delivers Results

Advisory firms are giving their employees a plan, but not teaching them how to execute its goals in measurable actions.

How to Overcome Negativity Bias

This isn’t another article on what’s likely to happen to the advisory industry. I don’t have a clue.

My New Job Isn’t What I Expected

I can’t get my supervisor to acknowledge I can add value, even though I’ve been at my new job for three weeks.

Building a Better U.S. Economy

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, but public trust in the federal government is eroding. Sixty years ago, 75 percent of Americans expressed faith in the government to do the right thing “most of the time” or “just about always.” Seventy-five percent! You can’t get 75 percent of people to agree on anything now, as the recent “Laurel or Yanny” video proved.

Tackling Student Debt and College Savings Plan Myths

The cost of a college education continues to rise, and along with it, student debt. Roger Michaud, senior vice president and director of college savings for the Franklin Templeton 529 College Savings Plan, and Mike O’Brien, director, Program Marketing, Global Client Marketing, look at how mounting student debt could have a long-term impact on one’s future.

Engaging & Retaining Client Relationships

Social podcasting is one of the fastest growing forms of communication. Top advisors are leveraging this platform into a powerful competitive advantage. Stop wasting time and money on prospecting and marketing that doesn't work. This social communication strategy is one of the most incredible financial advisor marketing tools ever. It’s a must-have advisor marketing tool and in this webinar, we'll show you how to implement social podcasting into your practice. You will also learn:
To take back the spotlight by creating your own thought leadership.The importance of offering engaging content to your clients.Why social media is the key to growing your practiceHow improving your social communication strategy can provide increased opportunities for referrals.
Matt Halloran will answer attendees’ questions during the webinar and will be available to continue the discussion on APViewpoint.

How to Convert an Acquaintance to a Prospect without Being Awkward

How should you approach a casual acquaintance and open the dialogue about working together?

Communication Bloopers

Here are examples of things you do or say that create barriers to sales.

When Clients Spend Themselves into Oblivion

What do you do when one of your best clients is spending their way into oblivion?

How to Fire a Client

The decision to "fire" a client is painfully difficult. Many planners are reluctant to disengage with difficult clients due to a sense of responsibility. If you are contemplating firing some of your clients, the following steps will ease the break-up and ensure a minimum of follow-on damages.

Three Places to Get Your Content Published

Now that you understand the importance of creating a solid content marketing strategy, it’s time to get published!

YCG Q1 2018 Quarterly Review

In-depth write up of Moody's (MCO) highlighting how it fits into YCG's investment framework which focuses on identifying "great business" and "market-timing" mispricings.

Field Notes: Hyderabad

The verdict remains out as to whether recent initiatives in India, such as the note ban and the Goods and Services Tax, will constitute significant steps forward in the country’s quest to become a modern and globally competitive industrial economy.

Am I the Only One Who Thinks Fee Compression is Hogwash?

Everyone keeps saying that advisor fees are on the decline. Hogwash!