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Are Trump's Steel and Aluminum Tariffs Good for America?

President Donald Trump’s proposed tariff on imported steel and aluminum, at 25 percent and 10 percent, is much more than a shot across the bow. Indeed, this could be the official kickoff of the trade war we all anticipated. The protectionist trade policy, announced this week as the president met with metals executives, raised fresh inflation worries and had an immediate impact on capital markets.

More Trouble for the Equity Markets Ahead

Blackstone is pleased to offer the following Market Commentary by Byron Wien which shares his thinking on global economic developments, market insights and other factors that may influence investment opportunities and strategies.

Three Market Concerns Move to the Fore

Last week brought renewed focus to three areas of concern that I’ve been writing about for some time: populism, protectionism and pressure on debtors. It appears that we may be moving closer to certain outcomes that could be of concern to markets.

1-on-1 With Michael Hasenstab: Market Changes and Challenges

Hasenstab shares his thoughts on navigating today’s market challenges. He covers recent market volatility, inflationary threats in the United States, upcoming elections in Latin America, potential “fault lines” in Europe and credit risk in China.

Quarterly Letter

The end of 2016 through the beginning of 2018 had been one of the least volatile periods in recorded stock market history. It was THE least volatile by one measure – for the 404 trading days through the beginning of February, the market never had a five percent correction – the longest streak on record.

Freddie, Fannie, Finis?

Given the events of a decade ago, 2018 promises to be a year filled with reminiscence. Chroniclers will recall the signs of the gathering storm: falling U.S. house prices, rising mortgage defaults and spreading institutional failures.

A $1.5 Trillion Opportunity You Don’t Want to Miss!

On the campaign trail, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump pledged to invest as much as $1 trillion in U.S. infrastructure if he were elected. This week during his first State of the Union address, now-President Trump added half a trillion dollars more to that figure.

Fossil Fuel Divestment – What’s Next for Investors and Advisors?

New York City will be the first city to divest from fossil fuels for its pension plans. The question is what does divestment mean? And what does divestment look like at the portfolio level?

Advisors: Prepare Yourselves for the Opioid Crisis

When people think of a financial advisor, what comes to mind are Roth IRA conversions, tax planning and investing your 401(k). Nobody thinks a financial advisor has the power to save somebody’s life. Until now.

Applying ESG Analysis to Sovereign Bonds

Integrating ESG into sovereign risk analysis adds a holistic and long-term perspective that is aligned with investing in sovereign fixed income.

2018 Around the World: a Survey of Key Country Risks

The ETF Investment Strategy surveys key risks around the globe including trade policy, geopolitical tensions and reform efforts.

The 2018 Economic Playlist: Carry the Tune

Since the dawn of time music has played a pivotal role in the defining of the times and the progression made. We would like to utilize the artistic genius of these maestros to bring some context to the current pivotal point in the economy and capital markets.

Q1 2018: Goldilocks Need Not Fear the Bear in 2018...But Her Respite Will Be More Fitful

Tina Byles Williams, CIO and CEO of FIS Group, has just published the latest Q1 2018 Market Outlook, which delves into predictions for the year ahead, from a more challenging environment for risk assets to geopolitical tensions on the horizon.

Emerging Markets Fourth-Quarter Recap and Outlook: 2017 Ends with a Bang

Templeton Emerging Markets Group has a wide investment universe to cover—tens of thousands of companies in markets on nearly every continent. While we are bottom-up investors, we also take into account big-picture context.

Three Things I Wish I Knew as a Young Financial Advisor

I set out to be a financial advisor in my early 30s and getting started wasn’t pretty. Here’s my advice to my younger self about how to use youth as a marketing strength rather than as a detractor from your credibility.