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The Answer Is Blowing in Brazil's Wind

Renewable energy production in Latin America has grown dramatically over the last decade. The use of green technology like wind turbines and solar arrays continues to expand, as countries like Brazil seek to improve energy security and lower carbon emissions.

Investing to Solve the Global Water Crisis

One billion people lack access to safe drinking water, and this number is likely to grow to nearly 3 billion by 2050. To complicate this problem, 60 percent of the world’s population lives in crowded water basins shared by multiple states — many of whom are failing or are at war with one another. There is a lack of fresh water resources to meet water demand. It affects every continent and was listed in 2015 by the World Economic Forum as the largest global risk in terms of potential impact over the next decade. My guest today invests in solutions to this looming global water crisis.

Thinking Outside the Box

Lucas White and Jeremy Grantham examine the benefits of investing in a climate change strategy, including diversification, protection from climate risk, inflation protection and the ability to invest in growth-oriented companies at a discount.

The Hunger for Muni Bonds (And Gold!) Is Real

Tax-free muni bonds saw $8.8 billion in inflows in the first quarter, beating U.S. equity funds and international equity funds. Investors were seeking stability as well as a strategy to counteract the changes to the tax code.

Asia Credit Spreads Look Rewarding

We recently sat down with Matthews Asia Portfolio Managers Teresa Kong and Satya Patel to discuss the appeal of Asia corporate bonds for bond investors seeking global diversification.

The Case for an Enhanced Passive Investing Category

The division between active and passive strategies has devolved into a two-legged stool. A stronger investment environment needs a clear third option: the enhanced passive category.

The Government's Enormous, Ongoing Private Land Grab

We all know the federal government owns a lot of land around the country. You know – national parks, protected forests, tribal reservations, fish and wildlife refuges, rivers, historical battlefields and other sensitive areas. But I’ll bet you don’t know just how much of America the federal government owns. I sure didn’t, until last month.

GMO’s Approach to ESG Investing

In the U.S., $12 trillion of investments carry an environmental, social and governance – or ESG – mandate. That is nearly a quarter of all professionally managed assets in the U..S. – and the same percentage of global assets have an ESG mandate. Boston-based Grantham Mayo van Otterloo and its chairman, Jeremy Grantham, are among the leading and most outspoken proponents of ESG investing and related issues.

EM Versus DM Growth (2019-2023): How Global Is ‘Global’ Growth Really?

IMF recently lowered its growth rate forecast for the global economy. We expect growth to command a premium as it becomes scarcer, while growth laggards will be penalised. It is therefore important to unpack IMF’s global growth forecast to determine who is growing and who is slowing.

The Road Not Taken

Making money in the financial markets doesn't require elaborate schemes or technical ambidexterity. One simply has to be patient and ready to deploy appropriate disciplines to take advantage of any inevitable opportunity.

How Commonwealth’s Investment Research Team Can Make a Difference for You and Your Clients

Institutional-quality research for you and your clients. Guidance on investment management programs, equities, fixed income, and alternatives. A dedicated SRI/ESG resource. Direct access to our chief investment officer. That’s the value-add you get from Commonwealth Financial Network’s Investment Research team.

10 Fairly Valued MLPs: Are the High Yields Worth the Risk and Effort? Part 12

A major goal of this series on sectors is to illustrate the reality that it is a market of stocks rather than a stock market. With this article I am technically covering the Industrial Services Sector.

Emerging Markets Outlook: The Wealth of Nations

While we are constructive on the prospects for emerging markets in the year ahead, we think the real potential lies in individual country and thematic opportunities.

7 Market-Moving Charts Investors Need to See

Today stocks erased their weekly gains and bond yields fell. Chief among the contributors were a Treasury yield curve inversion, the first since before the financial crisis, and continued slowdown in the pace of U.S. manufacturing expansion.

Green Shoots for the Global Economy

What happens in China clearly does not stay in China so the outlook for China’s growth in 2019 is one of the keys to how the global economy will perform and how financial markets will respond to that level of growth.