Beverly Flaxington is a practice management consultant. She answers questions from advisors facing human resource issues. To submit yours, email us here.

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Dear Bev,

What ways are new and innovative to connect more deeply with clients? We have done a number of events and haven’t yielded anything from them. We have a writer on our team – an advisor who is very good at capturing what is happening in the market and providing insight to our clients. We meet with clients on an annual basis to explore more than just portfolio performance, but what else is happening in their lives, how they are feeling about working with us, what else we can be doing and so on.

We’ve toyed with the idea of providing resources for clients – if they want to buy a new car, could we help locate their dream vehicle, or if they are ready to move into assisted living, could we help by developing a checklist of things they might look for?

We know we need to get into a more personalized level of service. But there are so many ideas and it is hard to know which ones are the right ones. We have 23 people on our team – not a huge firm, but enough that we can allocate the resources we need. Deciding where those resources should go is challenging. Any ideas for us?


Dear S.A,

Have you asked your clients what additional support they might like to receive from you? Do you know how much (or whether) they value the events you are holding, or the information you are distributing? Do the new ideas – such as car shopping and helping them develop criteria for decision-making – come from requests clients have made or are they internal ideas?

Those questions are important because there is no clear answer to the issue. It depends a lot on the type of firm you run, and the type of clients you serve. It sounds to me like you are focused on your clients and offering a broad array of information and educational options. But are they the right ones? And if they are, why question what else you should be doing?