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Years ago, I shared the spotlight on stage at an event with a woman I’m going to call “Jackie,” well, because that’s her name. I was very intimidated by Jackie because she was my former boss, very serious and a top executive of a hotel chain.

Pretty intimidating! To make matters worse, Jackie wore very large glasses that made her eyes appear huge. It made me feel like she was looking directly through me rather than at me. All the more intimidating.

Well, we presented to the audience that morning. Jackie did her segment and I did mine. I thought we presented ourselves well, but wasn’t sure if our messages worked together. During our break, I wanted to let her know my thoughts over lunch so we could make adjustments before getting back on stage.

Over lunch, I was considering how to have this conversation with Jackie. Instead of sharing what was on my mind, I let her talk while I ate. And as she did, I bit down on a string bean and a stream of hot water shot right onto her eye glasses and dripped down into her soda.

Awkward moment!

And for the first few moments, I pretended that it did not happen.