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Advisors have an unassailable expertise in assessing risk, but there are hidden ones that will take you down, destroy your family and decimate your clients.

You need to take them seriously.

The power of exercise

Here’s a stunning observation from Brain Rules, by John Medina: One of the greatest predictors of successful aging, according to researchers, is whether or not one lives a sedentary lifestyle.

Read that sentence again. Its implications are profound.

The difference between pushing a walker, while staring vacantly ahead in a nursing home, and thriving physically and mentally as you age, is directly related to exercise.

Seniors who exercised outperformed coach potatoes in cognitive tests measuring long-term memory, reasoning, attention, problem-solving skill and “fluid intelligence tasks” (which test the ability to reason quickly and improvise).

Not much exercise is required

Some are deterred from exercising because they believe only very strenuous exercise is beneficial.

These findings from Medina may surprise you:

  • Just walking several times a week benefits the brain;
  • Moderate exercise is better than no movement at all;
  • The “gold standard” is aerobic exercise for 30 minutes, two to three times a week; and
  • Adding weight training provides even more cognitive benefit.