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One word can ruin an entire email and one email can ruin a relationship. As communication becomes more digitized, it’s important to have the right tone anytime you are sending an electronic message. Here are eight phrases that will stop prospects from wanting to do business with you.

The nasty folder

In the early stages of my career I was a buy-side portfolio analyst. Being much younger and a great deal thinner skinned, I once complained to a more senior friend, a portfolio manager, about the problem with getting all the nasty emails at work from the rest of the research team. What bothered me was how the nastygram would sit there at the top of your inbox until other emails pushed it down to where it was less noticeable. He told me a trick–save those emails in what he called a “nasty folder.” That removes the email from your sight and when the dust has settled and sensitivities are gone, it’s hilarious to read them.

Which leads me to an important point – once you type it, it never goes away! Email archiving is a real kicker.

I had quite a laugh when looking back at these gems of rudeness that people chucked at me over email. They were the inspiration for this article.

  1. Disappointed

Whenever an email has the word “disappointed” in it, I know the person is about to say something insulting. This word is used punitively from childhood. I say this to my kids. “Mommy was very disappointed when you chose to hit your little brother over the head with that chair.”