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The business suit is a staple of what clients expect advisors to wear. However, with the oppressive heat waves of summer, just putting on a suit is a daunting task.

This is how you do it.1

During the summertime, it is important to keep your cool and stay cool even when it is a hundred degrees outside. In this article, I will share with you three ways to wear suits comfortably when it's a scorching hot day.

The first way to be confortable in a suit when it is extremely hot is don’t wear one. Just kidding – well kind of. Consider ways that you can minimize wearing the full suit as much as possible. When you’re getting dressed for the day and you walk out the door, put your jacket in your hand – not on, as we are used to doing. Then hang it up in the car or hold it while in route to your location. There is no need to suffer to fit the part of the so-called “financial-advisors-are-supposed-to.”