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The field of behavioral finance – getting into the minds of investors to probe their limiting beliefs – has become a popular topic. Just as investors have beliefs that limit their ability to grow their portfolio, advisors have beliefs that limit their ability to grow their practices. Those who overcome resistance get the most business. Here’s how the cycle of resistance works and what you can do about it.

The cycle of resistance

Nobody likes feeling vulnerable.

Human beings are emotional and even the most rational and logical among us can substantiate beliefs that don’t work in our favor.

But I’m an advisor! We’re the most logical and rational as they get!

Beliefs arise from experiences that every human being has. Maybe you’ve never worked with a marketing consultant and the uncertainty scares you. Maybe you’ve tried, not gotten great results, and now you think it’s impossible to succeed. Or maybe you’ve succeeded, and now feel that this is the only thing that works.

These beliefs may even be subconscious. You may not even realize that you believe them.

But there’s no stopping them. Our beliefs are who we are.