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According to American Century Investments, an investment firm that has been established for more than 60 years, 46% of financial advisors reported using social media in 2017 to communicate with investors to build and grow their business. That also means 54% did not – a surprising number.

If you're not fully exploiting the power of social media marketing, your business is going to suffer. Whether you're just getting started or your current strategy needs a refresher, read on for my six tips to up your marketing game today.

1. Start with the basics

Start out with Facebook and Twitter, but be careful about making a sales pitch in every post. Modern social media marketing involves stories, personal experiences and a lot of non-sales-related content. To make sure you're able to connect with potential customers on social media, follow the 10-to-1 rule: for every 10 pieces of content that have nothing to do with sales, you can pitch your services.

You don't need to be on all the social media platforms. But you can be on more than one. Be smart about it. Start with one or two of the most popular social media platforms for your target demographic before moving to new platforms and potentially reaching a new following and potential leads.

2. Don't automate your postings

It can be very tempting to automate postings, but it's not the best approach to generate business leads. Your updates could very well come off as spammy if you over-do it, and your brand will not excite and engage the public like it would with spontaneous, reactive posts. You also put yourself in a position to miss out on responding to each and every comment when you're not fully engaged.

Social media marketing is a two-way communication rather than a tool to broadcast yourself.

3. Engage your readers through interactive experiences

Twitter's TweetChats – scheduled group discussions for you and your followers – are excellent for engaging and informing customers. Use them as a forum to talk about the latest investing trends, for example. Or try posting some contests, votes or polls to create an interactive experience for your audience.

4. Respond to all reader comments

Even if a reader does nothing more than write "nice post," it still deserves a response. If someone poses a question, make sure you address it as quickly as possible. Simply creating a social media strategy isn't enough – you've got to be attentive and responsive.