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After I wrote an article on business suits, several advisors asked me about casual dress, the biggest concern being about whether you should wear a tie. I’m going to unbutton that question and provide insight about what you could do to pull off this look successfully.

As I have noted in similar articles in the past, personal appearance is a sensitive topic, so let me start out with a couple of caveats. Implied in what I write below is the assumption that a certain appearance denotes success and that advisors should strive for this. You are entitled to reject that assumption. Second, while my recommendations are somewhat gender-specific, your gender is self-defined.

What’s the point anyways?

First of all, I just want to ask all you advisors this question.

Have you ever thought about how pointless a tie really is?

It’s a piece of cloth you hang around your neck. Unlike a watch or belt, it serves no purpose. I mean, it fits the definition of the word “unnecessary.”

Advisors who live in hotter climates wrote to me after my business suit article and so many of them complained about having to wear a tie in the 90 degree heat. Rob Herjavec of Shark Tank is often pictured tieless. It works great for him. For those of you rebels who agree and are eager to rip that stifling tie from your neck, here’s my advice about how to make the look work for you.