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I have gone through the steps to build your content, establish yourself as an expert, drive traffic and grow your business.

Now that you understand the importance of creating a solid content marketing strategy, it’s time to get published!

Why it’s important to get published

Submitting articles to other outlets is an important step that should not be left unexplored. By getting your name and your content in various publications you are reaching an audience with which you may not currently have connections, not on your email list, connected to you on social media, or even know your website exists. This opens many possibilities for contact with potential clients and networking.

What are the steps to get published?

Many financial advisers do not know where to begin. Think about what sources you use to get your information. Think about various online publications, such as LinkedIn Publisher, Investopedia Advisor Insights, and even local news outlets.

You will need to research and closely follow each outlet’s submission guidelines when sending your content. If you can’t find the exact person’s direct contact information, get the individual’s title correct, and that should be sufficient when sending to a generic publication inbox. You can keep a database of who and how to send your submissions and save it for future use.

Three best places to submit content

Go big!

Think creatively and consider who your target market really is. Find the publications that the clients you want to do business with are subscribing to and reading.

Local/regional print options

Here are some good points of contact when you’re looking to submit content to your local or regional publications:

  • Local or regional financial publications: editor
  • Daily Community Newspaper: Contact the city editor or the editor in charge of the section likely, the business editor
  • Weekly Newspaper: editor
  • Magazine: editor or managing editor