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Recently, an advisor in the audience at one of my sessions asked this question, What is the single biggest mistake advisors make when trying to convert a prospect into a client?

My answer: They can’t get out of their own way.

Here are some examples of things you do or say that create barriers to sales.

Elaborate screening

Think about all the time, effort and money that go into creating a new lead. Finally, you get an inquiry.

Unfortunately, this is when some of you engage in a well-intentioned process that costs youbusiness: elaborate screening.

When a prospect calls your firm, they want to speak to a qualified advisor, not to a “screener” whose thinly disguised job is to determine if they have sufficient assets to justify your time.

All new prospects should be connected to an advisor. During the course of that call, the advisor will usually be able to determine if the client meets your minimum requirements. If someone slips through the cracks, you’ll feel great if you meet them and recommend someone more suitable for them.