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I have three young kids so I’m used to whining. I’m not surprised when every time I talk to a wirehouse or broker-dealer representative and all they do is cry about how their bullying compliance department “is picking on me” whenever they try to do something on social media. Even if your ability to post to social media is restricted, it is still a very powerful prospecting tool.

Here are a few ideas that don’t involve posting content to social media – and a way to get the bully to leave you and your Elmo lunch box alone!

No excuse for not doing your homework

If you’re not using social media to do your due diligence on prospects, I’m going to give you a virtual black eye. Get ready.

If you’ve ever been to my LinkedIn or YouTube page, you’ll see that when it comes to my business life, I put it all out there. Yet despite that the free and public information about what I do for a living that is widely available to anyone to consume, vendors never do.

Every time I am contacted by a salesperson trying to sell me work on my website or my payroll, it’s always the same blank, generic pitch. It’s past annoying – I actually get offended. I find it uncouth to call me up and ask me a million questions that you could have answered in three minutes just by looking at what I post on LinkedIn.

There’s nothing worse than an ignorant question from a salesperson.

Get the ice packs ready because I’m about to uppercut to your jaw if you’re doing the same thing.