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I asked a videographer to accompany me on my current speaking tour. I want to document my talks and put a montage together for my web page.

The advisory firms sponsoring my sessions have been very accommodating. Faithfull to the “principle of reciprocity,” I offered to interview representatives of their firms, which could be edited and used on their web page and on social media. This offer has been enthusiastically accepted.

Here’s what I learned.

The interview mindset

When I interview advisors, I have no agenda other than to generate good content for the edited video. I’m not trying to “prove” anything.

My job is to ask very basic, open-ended questions and let the advisors dominate and control the conversation.

Because I’m not trying to steer the conversation in any particular direction I’m motivated to listen very carefully to what’s being said and to ask appropriate follow-up questions.

I don’t have a script. I just want to find out as much about the firm – and the person I’m interviewing – as I can.