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If you’re giving your website a makeover, an investment in photos of your actual team (as opposed to tacky stock photos) is a great way to give it a personalized feeling. I look at advisor websites all day long and here is what to do (and more importantly) what to avoid to have it come out like the perfect Ansel Adams.

  1. Do it

First of all, have a picture of yourself.

You have no idea how many advisors get this wrong. I’ve heard every excuse in the book from “I’m camera shy” or “I’m planning to lose 20 pounds.”

Look, you’re asking people to open Pandora’s Box and reveal every intimate financial detail of their lives to you including their plans to divorce their spouse of 30 years and social security numbers.

And you can’t even show them a picture of yourself sitting at your desk in a suit?

Get over it and show that you are a real person. When it comes to physical flaws, we all have them. It doesn’t matter if your hair is grayer than you want or if you don’t look like you did 20 years ago. If I can’t see your eyes then I don’t trust you. It helps getting over being camera shy if you find a photographer who knows what he or she is doing. They can help you minimize any flaws.

Have this professionally done – no “selfies” with a cell phone.