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At the core of it, every advisor is an entrepreneur. I love seeing successful female advisors because they have the potential to change the world. Here are the three most important ones that I’m celebrating on International Women’s Day.

1. Your success will inspire women who are trapped

Teaching women how to invest their 401(k) is one way to empower them financially, but how about the women who are struggling to make a dime? They need your help, too. The solution to women being trapped in dead-end jobs isn’t IRAs or 401ks or the stock market; it’s entrepreneurship.

I had an experience at the supermarket when I inspired the cashier to start a side gig and abandon her demeaning job after I saw someone speak disrespectfully to her. You can read the full article here.

Every advisor started at ground zero. To have built a practice in an industry dominated by men is no small achievement. Talk about your successes and use them as tools to help other women. Enlighten them about what they need to do to get there, and show them the way to control their income. Blog about it, post it on Facebook and speak about it in your community. Do whatever you need to do so that other women hear your story because it is rare, it is valuable, and it can and will change other people’s lives for the better.

Most of all, stand by them and tell them, as I did to the cashier, that they shouldn’t be afraid to take a risk. If I did it, then so can she.

2. Your credentials make you a role model

I didn’t realize how important it is for women to be role models for other women until I created a YouTube video about my journey to get the CFA designation.