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Insights from Vanguard on the future of low-cost active management

Having launched its first active ETFs—a suite of low-cost, factor-based funds—Vanguard shares thoughts on the past, present, and future of active management.

The Size Effect is Not Dead

How a fund defines its universe of small stocks eligible for purchase will make a significant difference in performance.

Looking Back at Jeremy Siegel on the Business Cycle and the Markets

This article focuses on chapter 15 in Jeremy Siegel’s book, Stocks for the Long Run. I show the importance of implementing a recession-based strategy to avoid the most severe market declines.

What an Aunt and a Mother Know About Converting Prospects

I’ve asked countless advisors if they ever had the experience of saying something they thought was really interesting, and having the other person pause, reflect and respond, “Tell me more about that?” This article is about the only two who said “yes.”

Robo-Advisors are not Robo-Planners. Yet.

There are large swaths of the financial planning landscape that can – and should – be both automated and integrated in such a way to which robo advisors aspire, but do not yet currently deliver.

Dealing with an Aging Client Base

I frequently receive questions about dealing with aging clients. In addition to saving for retirement and developing an estate plan, learning how to deal with mental and physical incapacity in clients is important for advisors.

How to Start Your Own Study Group

When advisors learn that I facilitate high-performance team meetings, sometimes called study groups, they want to know how to set one up where they live. Here’s my advice.

Wall Street’s Foolish War on Passive Investing

Wall Street has ridiculed passive investing for decades. The reason is obvious: Its profits – and for many firms, their very survival – are at stake. The basic argument is that the popularity of indexing (and the broader category of passive investing) is distorting prices as fewer shares are traded by investors performing the act of “price discovery.” Let’s examine the validity of such claims.

Economic and Market Implications of Political Transformation

This article considers the juxtaposition of colliding worldviews and the unified message that voters across the political spectrum are sending. While many investors are aware of the political change afoot, very few have considered how said changes will affect the economy and financial markets.

Should I Be Outsourcing My Investment Management?

Find a good external manager, take the cut on fees and outsource the management of your investments. Then turn around and be obsessively thorough with your marketing efforts. In the long run your practice will be better for it.

Smart Beta or Incidental Alpha?

Smart-beta funds believe that they can consistently identify mispricings by subjecting information to quantitative analysis. But numbers alone are dangerously misleading

Byron Wien on Trump, Trade, Deficits and Thucydides

Byron Wien discusses what people don’t recognize about Donald Trump, the future of Italy and the E.U. and whether federal deficits will be inflationary.

How to Start a Podcast

It’s not just smaller advisor firms with limited marketing resources that can use podcasting to deliver their messaging to affluent prospects and clients. Big firms can easily leverage the potential of podcasts. I recently started a modestly successful podcast, so here are my suggestions for those who are thinking of doing the same.

Investing Lessons from a Top Poker Player

As expert poker player Annie Duke explains in her book, Thinking in Bets, one of the more common mistakes amateurs make is the tendency to equate the quality of a decision with the quality of its outcome. Poker players call this trait “resulting.”

The Five Worst Inbound Marketing Mistakes

Many financial advisors have asked me these questions: How can I get started with inbound marketing? What can I do to avoid wasting my time? Gain rapid acceleration by avoiding these five common inbound marketing mistakes.