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Getting the First Meeting with a Female Client

Industry leaders tell us what not to say with female clients and what women want in an advisor. What is virtually unanswered, though, is how advisors can meet female prospects. From the perspective of someone who is female and was an advisor, here’s what I would do.

“Bad” Advice Can Add Value

I deal with many advisors. Some of them give advice that could be considered “bad,” but the benefit to their clients is tangible. Here are a few examples.

How to Deal with an Irrational Boss

Is it possible to deal effectively with senior people who are irrational and don’t care about the truth?

The Five Most Powerful Growth Hacks

Whether you follow a systematic approach to growth or are looking for an “easy button,” growth hacks are a path that any practice, team or individual advisor can leverage.

A Thousand Points of Fiduciary Light

The brilliance of Regulation Best Interest is how it sidesteps the 1940 Advisers Act to marginalize fiduciary duties for retail investors. It proclaims a broker suitability-styled standard to be in the best interests of investors. Industry advocates say it’s a strong investor protection rule. It’s not. It’s the opposite.

New Research on the Value of Global Diversification

Despite representing about one-eighth of global equity market capitalization, and despite the attractive valuations and growth prospects, the vast majority of U.S. investors have portfolios that dramatically underweight emerging market stocks. Here’s why that is a costly mistake.

An Annuity Hater Revisits SPIAs

I take a lot of flak when I write about annuities. That criticism has come from the insurance industry, because I have been highly critical of products like fee-laden variable annuities with complex menus of riders. But recent discussions and a new analysis have led me to reconsider SPIAs as a source of longevity insurance at a reasonable cost.

A special invitation to attend the top investment and behavioral finance conference

We're very pleased to invite you to join us for Portfolio Construction Forum Markets Summit 2019 (February 19) and Finology Summit 2019 (February 20-21), in Sydney, Australia.

Larry Swedroe’s Best Investment Books

I’m often asked for a list of what I consider the best books on the science of investing. With that in mind, I sat down and narrowed my collection to the top baker’s dozen.

Budget Your Time Like You Budget Your Money

What I am about to share with you is somewhat random drivel about a topic that has been very important to me in 2018 – time. I am anything but an expert on it; and in fact, as you’ll see, this is something I fail in and am trying to fail less.

The Hidden Advantage of Long/Short Portfolios

Today I’ll look at the conventional wisdom that the tax burden of an investment strategy increases with its turnover. In addition, I’ll discuss why short selling is perceived to be particularly tax inefficient.

A Massive Missed Opportunity

Fiduciary RIAs don’t advertise. It’s a massive, missed opportunity.

Should CEOs Interview Every New Hire?

Our founder wants to put a halt to any new hires who he doesn’t personally approve. I don’t see how this is manageable – we are at 32 people.

Four Tips for RIAs Looking to be Acquired

To take advantage of the favorable market conditions, here are four tips to ensure a merger or acquisition deal is teed up for long-lasting success.

Gundlach’s Forecast for 2019

Jeffrey Gundlach said that 2019 will mark the start of a period when bond markets must reckon with the rising federal deficit. In his most passionate comments ever on this topic, he said the exploding national debt and liabilities involving pension funds, state and local government governments and Social Security have reached a stage that is “totally unthinkable.”